Spears Gets ‘Gun’ Tattoo

Published: 4 June, 2018 - 3:11 pm

Club Captain Tim Spears has shocked the Rugby League public with a new tattoo.

The Knights captain has transformed the fortunes of the club over the past two season and wanted to show his support for the new initiative at Sundays game vs Workington RLFC.

On Sunday, the Knights will be adding an extra special crowd treat in the form of a t-shirt gun firing free t-shirts into the crowd.

The event will be fun for all involved and is sure to be a positive addition to the match day experience!

Spears said, ‘I swore i would never carry any gun again after my  favourite ‘super soaker’ watergun failed on me in the summer of 1993 and left me the laughing stock of Pontefract. However, i love a freebie and when I found out the club were giving out something for free, I had to celebrate that. I’ve seen other sportsman do it, I’m sure my kids will be very proud of me.’

The Knights game vs Workington RLFC on this Sunday kicks off at 3pm at Bootham Crescent, York and entrance is free for all attendees under 16 years of age.

Please note 1: The tattoo is not real.
Please note 2: The Super Soaker was taken back and he obtained a full refund
Please note 3: This is all tongue in cheek so please take it that way!