Three cheers for A Knights Ale!

Published: 28 August, 2018 - 3:00 pm

York City Knights, together with club partners Isaac Poad are delighted to announce the launch of our very own craft beer – ‘A Knights Ale’.

A traditional English IPA, pale but powerful with a huge hop aroma, bold flavours are produced from the Yorkshire grown barley to produce a pint fit for a Knight!

Established in York since 1863, Isaac Poad has thrived supplying barley to brewers for 150 years, and as one of York’s’ oldest family run companies they are perhaps its best kept secret. Brewing beer is their latest enterprise and with all this experience there is no surprise it’s a good pint!

As a part of this exciting launch, Isaac Poad will donate 20p from every pint sold to the York City Knights Foundation, who continue to do fantastic work in the local community for people of all ages.

Commenting on the new ale, Knights Chairman Jon Flatman said: “This is one of those collaborations that just came together seamlessly.

“Isaac Poad share many of the same community values as York City Knights and have been wonderful club partners throughout 2018 while sponsoring our Man of the Match award.

“Hopefully we will all be toasting more success at the end of this thrilling season!”

Isaac Poad’s Chris Dearnley added: “The Knights are a team on the up and we are delighted to share in their growth!”

Casks are available to order now, so if you or your local landlord are interested in serving ‘A Knights Ale’ on tap in your establishment, please get in touch with Chris Dearnley on or Knights General Manager Neil Gulliver on for more details.