A note from the Chairman…

Published: 3 May, 2019 - 6:49 pm

Firstly, I must express how truly unbelievable the support was in Toulouse. As loud and passionate at the game as I have witnessed for a long time, the sense of togetherness, support and bond off the field was equally as strong.

To witness the passion for the badge, the players and fellow supporters first hand showed to me and others what a fantastic club we have. That trip will last long into the memory and I thank very much all of those who travelled and those who listened in via the fabulous BBC Radio York.

The BBC is truly an organisation known the world over. The radio arm first broadcast in November 14th, 1922 and provides an excellent free to air service. The importance of local radio is paramount with regards to news, information, advice and improving general mental health. BBC Radio York is pivotal to this club. The staff at the station provide home and away coverage available to everyone with content at premium quality. Their impact of communicating Knights information must not be underestimated.

In order to support them, I would ask you to text 81333 and start your text with York; pre and post game or tweet @BBCYorkSport. We must keep be able to justify the expense that they incur on broadcast and letting them know your views on the game.

I would like to also urge each and everyone to continue to support the club in every way possible. The York City Knights Ladies Team are a proud part of the club as are the newly launched Learning Disability and Physical Disability teams. Please support them at every opportunity and continue to grow this wonderful sport of ours.



Attentions now turn to the visit of Batley Bulldogs to Bootham this Sunday (May 5th) in a huge game in the Betfred Championship, with the Knights looking to continue their play-off push as we approach the half way point in this thrilling season. Get your tickets online now from Eventbrite HERE!