Published: 2 September, 2020 - 3:53 pm

The weekly Knights Lottery Draw took place this afternoon. The Jackpot was £925 & the numbers drawn were 17-14-8-28. As there was no Jackpot winner we have a Rollover to next week with a prize of £950.

The Lucky Dip Weekly Winners Are:

£50- N Grainger

£10 Winners- B Sellars- J Sadler- P Birch- A Knowles- P Lavelle

A Bottle of Twisted Toad Gin Courtesy of Isaac Poad- P Cooper

2 Sunday Lunches Courtesy of Meals2U- G Wilson

A 2020 YCK Replica courtesy of Supro- J Wells

Winners will be contacted tomorrow.



Thank you again for your continued support of York City Knights Foundation. In supporting our lottery, you are helping raise much needed funds for the foundation – your generosity in this respect is, as always, most welcome and greatly appreciated.

So, please continue to play the lotto and encourage other community members to play also. It’s never been easier to play and you can now opt for auto-renewal and never have to worry about missing a draw again! We wish you the best of luck in our next draw!

Kind Regards, The Lottery Team